BC5 represents the Elite basketball player whose name is Brielen (B) Craft (C) and the number 5 represents the month “The Tru Gift” was born (May). Brielen is also known to many as “The Gift” which was given to him in second grade by a coach named Michael Scott. During a game against kids that were two years older, Mike looked at Brielen's coach and said “This kid is “the gift” that keeps on giving.


The slogan has personal meaning. So much so, it has become our brand. During a high stakes game against a rival opponent, my dad who always had inspirational words for me prior to tip off just simply looked into my eyes and said, “B Different”. Over time, we added an asterisk to allow the B to represent anything to everyone. B could be Brielen, B could mean Be, B could mean Branden, Briea, Brice etc. Difference is still defined as “not the same as another”! 

Get to know Brielen “The Gift” Craft

1.Who introduced you to the game of basketball?

At the age of 2, my father bought me my first plastic hoop set and ball. It was my favorite thing to play with.

2.If you could work out and be mentored by one player in the NBA, who would it be and why?

Devin Booker - He is an all-around player who can shoot, dribble, play defense, is the closest thing to KOBE in the NBA.  I think he would be a great mentor for me because we have the same mentality. 

3.If you could pick 3 players in the NBA, which 3 best describes your game?

Jalen Green - We both are very athletic can score on all three levels and play defense well.

Damian Lillard - we both get to the basket quickly and can also shoot 3-point shots.

Devin Booker - We are both leaders and have the same “Mamba Mentality.” 

4.Tell us a little about your training regimen.

Outside of my Dad, I’ve had two consistent trainers.

Coach Kai has played a major role with my footwork since I was 5 years old.

Most recently, Coach Nick has focused on in-game execution which has really allowed me to excel in challenging situations, like when I’m playing up two grades.

On my own,

  • I start off with warm-ups, 2 ball bounce, one high and the other low and switch after 50
  • One basket dribble to other basket with both balls - pick one up and lay ups with right hand and left leg in air (Must make at least 3 in a row)
  • Work on Ball Handling into a floater in the middle 
  • 3-Point shoot around (Must make 10 in a row) 
  • Use a heavy weight with two hands above head and do single legged jumps 
  • Practice and Shoot around 

5.What is the most important lesson your parents have taught you about being a student-athlete?

To never overestimate how hard something can be whether in basketball or in class. Keep Priorities in line God first, family, school, and then sports. Always try to do my best and never give up. Most importantly learn from my mistakes and not dwell on them.

6.What are some things you feel are your strengths as a player?

My feel for the game coupled with my basketball IQ. Ability to score consistently at all three levels.

7.What else do you enjoy doing besides playing basketball?

Playing video games. 2K, Madden, making TikTok videos and hanging with my friends.

8.Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

Giannis - To see where he came from Greece to America - He is such a hard worker and knows what he wants. He is one of the best players in the world and now has a championship. His moves are tough, and I really like his game. 

9.When you have a tough game, what are some things you do mentally that keep you motivated?

If I feel I’m not doing what I need to do to finish strong, I try and get my teammates hyped along with myself. I’ll try and get in my opponent’s head with my excitement (like clapping it up) that also helps motivate my team. 

10.When are your career goals?

Reach the highest level of basketball and once my playing career is over, I want to coach on the high school college and or Pro level.